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Cat® Mini Hydraulic Excavator Highlights

An extensive line of Cat Mini Hydraulic Excavators offers the performance to dig in and be productive on every job.

  • High digging forces and fast cycle times to help you get more done, faster.
  • Quiet, spacious cab and smooth ergonomic controls, with integrated auxiliary and swing boom functions keep you comfortable and reduce operator fatigue.
  • Pin-Grabber Coupler and quick disconnects enables the operator to change mini excavator attachments quickly.
  • Auto idle, auto two-speed and a load sensing variable pump optimize fuel efficiency.
  • A compact or standard radius tail swing with a swing or fixed boom option provides a good match to any jobsite.
  • Unlock the new features and experience the value of the brand new Complete Operation, Maintenance, Performance and Security System on the Caterpillar 3 to 8 tonne E Series mini hydraulic excavators. Specifically designed by Caterpillar for compact excavators.


We have the following Cat Mini Hydraulic Excavators for sale in Florida: 

Models Engine Model Net Power Operating Weight
300.9D Yanmar 31NV70 13 hp 2061 lb
301.4C Yanmar 3TNV76 17.7 hp 3241 lb
301.7D Yanmar 3TNV76 17.7 hp 3810 lb
301.7D CR Yanmar 3TNV76 17.7 hp 3726 lb
302.4D Yanmar 3TNV76 17.7 hp 5115 lb
302.7D CR Yanmar 3TNV76 20.7 hp 5890 lb
303E CR Cat® C1.3 23.5 hp 7782 lb
303.5E CR Cat® C1.8 31.6 hp 7734 lb
303.5E2 CR Cat® C1.7 23.5 hp 8209 lb
304E CR Cat® C2.4 40 hp 8497 lb
304E2 CR Cat® C2.4 40.2 hp 8906 lb
305E CR Cat® C2.4 40.2 hp 10836 lb
305E2 CR Cat® C2.4 40.2 hp 11433 lb
305.5E CR Cat® C2.4 44.2 hp 11618 lb
305.5E2 CR Cat® C2.4 44.2 hp 11958 lb



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